Online Piano Lessons

Online piano lessons are the perfect solution to ensuring a quality and consistent piano and music education to anyone, anywhere in the world! Today's technology makes it possible for teacher and student to connect and communicate in a meaningful and clear way. The Simply Music Piano Method used in my studio and online lessons is truly breakthrough and has students playing a wide variety of great-sounding music from their very first lessons! Students utilizing this method have an extremely high success rate and "stick with it" as compared to traditional piano methods. Learn more about the Simply Music method here...

Who Excels in Online Piano Lessons?

  • Adults who have never played...You are NEVER too old to learn the piano! Adults make wonderful students!

  • Adults who played as a child but their skills have gone "rusty".

  • Parents who take lessons while the kids are at school. A great way to treat and focus on yourself!

  • Busy professionals who travel. There is even a quality roll-up keyboard that you can easily travel with I recommend for this type of student when they cannot be at their regular keyboard or piano.

  • Homebound students... These lessons are usually the highlight of their (and my) week!

  • Senior Citizens... No need to get out to drive to these lessons!

  • Homeschooled Students... Group online lessons are great for groups of homeschoolers. Discounts for siblings.

  • Students who do not have access to a quality piano instructor in their home area.

What is the Set-Up Like?

The optimal online lesson set-up requires 2 devices (mobile phone, tablet or laptop/desktop).

The set-up to hold device #1 is a flexible clamp that holds a phone/tablet above your keyboard, while device #2 is used at eye level so we can talk face-to-face. 

Many students get by with just one device, where they can watch my piano keyboard and eye-level view. I am able to teach purely by hearing the student play.

The clamp can  be purchased on Amazon for around $20.


Recommendations will be supplied and I will provide assistance with set-up advice. 

We use to connect which has great clarity and reliability. 

Would you like to accompany yourself or others on the piano while singing? Or be confident to play in your Church Worship band? 


Learn more about my Accompaniment Ensemble Online Workshop here!

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