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Creative Piano Studio uses the Simply Music Piano method. Simply Music is the largest playing-based music education institution in the world. This revolutionary program offers a breakthrough in music education and has students playing great-sounding contemporary, classical, gospel, blues and accompaniment pieces - from their very first lessons. 


Simply Music students learn all of the theory and technique that is covered in traditional piano methods, simply in a different order; which is based upon the way that humans learn to speak, read and write. It is a more natural way of learning and creates a positive learning experience! 


Simply Music is perfect for children, adults, seniors, and special needs students, as well as beginning students or students who have had some traditional piano lessons, and is very effective taught in either a group or individual setting online. 

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The Teacher

Hello, my name is Christina and I am the teacher at Creative Piano Studio. Throughout childhood, I had traditional piano training, and although I loved to play the piano, learning in the traditional reading-based method was both frustrating and tedious. While beginning to teach my own children in the traditional method, I quickly sensed their frustration with wanting to play the instrument, but feeling bogged down by the classical approach to learning piano.


While searching for a better way to teach my children this beautiful instrument, I discovered the Simply Music Piano method. As soon as I began teaching my children with Simply Music, everything changed! Suddenly, their excitement, enjoyment, and passion for piano were unleashed! Their repertoire of songs, confidence, and skills were growing at a rate far beyond what I achieved in years of traditional lessons. Simply Music has truly given my children the gift of music as a companion throughout their lives and I hope I can help you to discover this same gift! 


In addition to being a Licensed Simply Music Teacher, I hold a Bachelor's degree from UNO and graduated Magna Cum Laude in 2004. Additionally, I have completed over 50 credit hours towards an Elementary Special Education degree. Continuing my musical education is an important aspect of my commitment to teaching. Piano focused coursework includes classes offered online through Berklee College of Music and University of Rochester. Please click here to see my credentials and coursework


To accommodate students of all ages and abilities, I am also a Licensed Simply Music Gateway Teacher, with specialized training in working with students on the Autism spectrum, those with learning differences or motor skill challenges and those recovering from an injury such as a stroke. Simply Music Gateway gives people the joy of playing the piano while also gaining the therapeutic benefits playing an instrument provides (See below for more information).

Online Piano Teacher
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The Method

The Method

How Simply Music Began

From his earliest years, Neil Moore, the Founder of Simply Music and creator of the Simply Music Piano Program, heard music and pictured it in his mind in terms of shapes and patterns. This relationship to music became the basis of his entire approach to learning and playing piano. As an adult and a coach to traditional piano teachers, he had an opportunity to teach a young blind boy to play. Using his unique approach to music Neil taught the boy through shapes and patterns and subsequently discovered that his ‘playing-based’ approach could transform how quickly all piano students, of all ages, could learn to play. Thus began the foundation of what has become the world’s largest playing-based music education institution.


The 4 Goals of Simply Music

* Create students who love to play!

* Teach students to play a wide variety of great sounding music!

* Mold students who are able to self-generate their continued music education!

* Give students a positive, self-affirming experience!


The Outcome of the Simply Music Method

Students gain all of the theory and technique as taught in traditional methods, just in an order that is more natural to the learning process. The outcomes of the Simply Music method speak to its effectiveness:


* Quality - Students learn a variety of great music: blues, classical, gospel, contemporary and accompaniment.

* Quantity - Many pieces of music are learned in a relatively short amount of time.

* Ease - Students find that this method feels like a natural way of learning piano.

* Quickly - Students of all types progress quickly with this method.


For more information, please watch the videos below and read the Simply Music Student Brochure and feel free to contact me with any questions.



Special Needs Students

Special Needs Students Gateway Program

The Simply Music Gateway Program is taught by Licensed Simply Music Teachers, and is a playing-based piano method designed for anybody with special needs and learning differences, including those on the Autism spectrum, as well as those with learning disabilities, neurological dysfunction, developmental delays, and ADHD. The Gateway method has also shown wonderful therapeutic results for people recoving from traumatic injuries. It provides a new means of self-expression through music, and gives students the opportunity and ability to play the piano and experience music making without the need to acquire the technical, theoretical and physical skills and attributes typically associated with traditional methods of piano learning.


As a Licensed Simply Music Gateway Teacher, I love to work with special needs students of all ages and abilities in private or group lesson settings. Please contact me here for more information. 

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